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Driving While Intoxicated as a result of the ingestion of alcohol or illegal or legal drugs is a criminal offense in the State of Texas. You can be charged with DWI if you are driving a car, motor boat, motorcycle on any other motor vehicle if you are intoxicated. There must be a reasonable suspicion for the police officer to detain you on a DWI, typically, reasonable suspicion is present if you commit a traffic offense or if you are driving erratically. Once the officer has stopped you, he may ask you to do field sobriety tests if he suspects that you are DWI. DWI field sobriety tests can include standing on one leg, walking and turning, counting on your fingers, touching your nose while standing straight, and an eye test which looks for Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus which is a jerking in the eyes. You do have a right to refuse any field sobriety tests offered. If the officer arrests you after the field sobriety tests, you will be requested to submit to a breathalyzer test or a blood test to measure the alcohol or drug content in your system. In the State of Texas, you can be charged for DWI if you measure a .08 or higher blood alcohol level on the breathalyzer or blood test.

Call an Austin DWI lawyer as soon as possible after you have been arrested for DWI. If you are found guilty of DWI, you can face jail time, probation, suspension of your license and surcharges amounting to $1000 a year for several years. The Law Offices of Sue Berkel in Austin, Texas can defend you against charges of DWI so call us at (512) 689-8733 or email us at