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A variety of property crimes are defined in the Texas Penal Code. These include acts of stealing, illegal entry into a building, various types of fraud, robbery, and vandalism. Being convicted of a property crime can be devastating to one's career and future prospects because it is a conviction associated with "moral turpitude" and problems with the conscience. Such a conviction can return to haunt you well after you've paid all fines and served any jail time. Employers, landlords, government agencies, or really anyone performing a background check will typically view a criminal record of property crimes with an extremely negative and skeptical outlook.

Jewelry and Money
Property crimes include theft, burglary, robbery, and others

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Property Crimes in Austin


Any attempt to take (or even move) something without the owner's permission is a theft. It is not necessary to succeed or get away with the act for a theft to occur; an attempt to steal is a sufficient basis for being convicted of the charge. If the item's value is $50 or less, it's considered petty theft and unlikely to result in jail time. Property values between $50 and $500 are Class B Misdemeanors with possible jail time.


Shoplifting is a type of theft where property is taken from a retail store or business establishment. Punishments for shoplifting are set by the value of the property taken.

Criminal Mischief

Criminal mischief, also known as vandalism, is committed if a person intentionally or recklessly damages the property of another. Depending on the value of the damages, the punishment range can be only a fine or it can be a felony resulting in a prison sentence.


Burglary involves an illegal entry into a building or vehicle with the intent to commit a crime. Often the planned crime will be theft, but it could be vandalism, assault, or any other illegal act. Burglary is a serious offense with jail time as a real possibility.


Robbery is intentionally injuring or threatening to injure another during a theft. It involves imparting the fear of injury or death in a victim. Since force is already a part of robbery, aggravated robbery is a robbery conducted with a deadly weapon.

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