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    Sue Berkel has practiced law in the Austin area for over 30 years

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    Sue Berkel was a Criminal Prosecutor at the Travis County Attorney's Office

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    Sue Berkel was a Municipal Judge and Senior Administrative Law Judge in Austin

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Uncontested Divorce
Includes attorney's fees only
Without children
  • $100 for each deed required
  • $500 for each QDRO required
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Uncontested Divorce
Includes attorney's fees only
With children
  • $100 for each deed required
  • $500 for each QDRO required
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I am so thankful that I found Sue Berkel to assist me with my legal problems. I was totally unaware of what I was facing, and Sue was very helpful in keeping me updated on my case and letting me know what to expect. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I've told many friends already that if they ever needed legal assistance, I would highly recommend Sue. Joni A.
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Overview of Practice Areas

A will expresses the desires of a deceased person and can be used to protect one's family in the event of a tragedy. When a will is properly drafted, it can spare family members costly, drawn-out court procedures during an already difficult time of their lives. Experienced wills lawyers in Texas can ensure that a will is correctly drafted and free of errors so that it will be legally valid.

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Family law covers topics relating to marriage and divorce, disputes over children, and legal matters of families such as grandparent rights, wills, and probate of estates. Investigations by Child Protective Services is also considered family law when it doesn't involve a criminal investigation. A family law lawyer is one who defends the rights of one party in a family law dispute or helps draft legally-binding family agreements.

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Criminal law concerns crimes that threaten the welfare of society at large. It differs from family law, which deals with disputes between family members or intimate partners. Examples of criminal offenses include assault, fraud or theft of property, drug charges, and violations of the requirements for driving on public roads. A criminal defense lawyer is someone who defends the rights of the accused in the judicial process—for instance by representing them in a criminal trial. This trial will determine whether the defendant is convicted of, or determined to have committed, the crime.

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Administrative law is the area of law covering the actions of government regulatory agencies. Both state and federal agencies seek to enact various regulatory agendas. An administrative law attorney is one who represents a client in an administrative dispute, perhaps in a dedicated administrative court such as the State Office of Administrative Hearings in Austin, Texas.

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What I appreciate so much about Sue Berkel is what a quick turnaround she has with all of my law needs. Not only is she extremely competent, she is very easy to work with. She is the best! M. H.

Meet Sue

The Law Offices of Sue Berkel is a private practice law firm serving clients in the Austin, Texas area. Ms. Berkel has practiced law for over 30 years as a Texas prosecutor, administrative law judge, and now a private practice lawyer.

Sue is an honors graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and the University of Texas School of Law. She is licensed to practice in the state of Texas, the Federal District Court, Western District, and the Federal Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.

As a speaker and active member of the legal community, Sue has the breadth of experiences to bring a variety of cases in family, criminal, and administrative law to a successful conclusion. Give us a call today to discuss your legal situation.

(512) 689-8733

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