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Adoption in Austin

Unlike so many other areas of the law, adoption is a relatively stress free joyous occasion down at the courthouse. The most common types of adoption are either a step-parent adoption or an infant adoption.

Typically in a step-parent adoption, the rights to the biological parent who does not live in the home with the child must be terminated prior to the step-parent adoption, although if the biological parent is deceased, termination is not necessary. In some instances, a biological parent who does not live in the home with the child might become disengaged and disinterested in participating in the child’s life. There might have been past abuse or neglect by a parent which might result in the child becoming estranged from the parent. If this is the case, the biological parent may agree to relinquish his rights, which would result in a termination of the biological parent’s rights. In other cases, the biological parent may refuse to relinquish his rights and the termination of those parental rights may be obtained only after a contested hearing.

Once the parental rights of the biological parent have been terminated, a step-parent may take the legal steps necessary to adopt the step-child. Once the step-child has been adopted, the step-parent assumes all of the legal rights and responsibilities previously reserved for the biological parent.

In infant adoptions, a family has decided to adopt a newborn who is usually unknown to the family at the time of the adoption. These are typically agreed adoptions. The Law Offices of Sue Berkel can assist you in not only terminating the parental rights of the birth mother and biological father, but also in facilitating the adoption.

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