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In some situations the Child Protective Services (CPS) may become involved with your family. When abuse or neglect of a child is alleged, Texas law requires the allegations to be investigated. CPS may seek to remove your children from your home and place them in foster care or with a relative. If CPS obtains a court order allowing them to remove your children from your home, the parents of the children will be named as parties in a lawsuit filed by the government.

Mother and child in a CPS case
Reports of abuse or neglect of a child will result in a CPS investigation

The ultimate result in these cases will be that you will either get your children returned to you or your rights to your children will be terminated and the children will be placed for adoption. In very rare cases the children may live with a third party and your rights to them will be significantly curtailed. Since the stakes in CPS cases are very high, it really is important that you act quickly.

Common Questions about CPS Cases

Do You Need a CPS Lawyer?

Retaining a CPS attorney is recommended if at least one of the following has occurred:

If CPS has taken either of these actions against you, it is necessary to begin speaking with a CPS attorney. Parents unable to afford hiring a private lawyer have the right to free representation by an appointed public lawyer. However, a successful outcome is more likely if you hire a skilled CPS lawyer such as Sue Berkel. If you are in need of a lawyer and are able to afford hiring one, we recommend getting a consultation on your case as the next step. Give us a call or click the link below to access our contact form.

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Sue Berkel Is an Excellent CPS Lawyer in Austin

Ms. Berkel successfully resolves many CPS cases in Austin each year. With over 30 years of experience practicing law, she has worked extensively with Child Protective Services both as a government attorney and as a private lawyer who fights CPS. The stakes are very high in these types of cases and it is important that you retain a lawyer who not only knows her way around a courtroom, but also knows the how to best navigate the Texas system.

Education and Licenses

Sue Berkel has lived in Austin since 1976, graduating with honors from the University of Texas in 1980. She received her law degree from the University of Texas Law School three years later. She's licensed to practice in Texas as well as the Federal District Court in the Western District.

A Former Prosecutor

Ms. Berkel worked as Assistant Attorney General at the Texas Attorney General's Office, handling cases involving day care centers in which abuse or neglect was alleged. After more than one hundred trials and appellate arguments in both federal and state courts, she emerged with an over 90 percent win record. She knows how CPS investigators think and how to counter their arguments.

A Former Judge

Ms. Berkel also served as a judge at the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings. She rose to the rank of Senior Administrative Law Judge, the highest designation offered. Together with experience as a prosecutor and a CPS defense lawyer, this experience as a judge makes Sue Berkel one of the best CPS lawyers in the Austin area.

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