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Divorce with Children Lawyer

The most stressful component of most divorces is the child custody issue. In some divorces, the parties will agree to a child custody arrangement. This agreement drives down the costs of the divorce because it drives down the time an attorney spends on the case. The more items the parties can agree to, the less expensive the cost of the divorce. In other divorces, the parties are open to negotiating a custody arrangement but need the assistance of an experienced divorce mediator in order to come to the exact terms of the custody agreement. The parties may also want to explore the option of a collaborative divorce in order to come to an agreement on custody issues, thus driving down costs and stress, not only to the parties, but most importantly, to the children involved. The Law Offices of Sue Berkel are experienced in resolving divorces with children amicably through mediation or through the collaborative divorce process.

In some divorces, however, a negotiated settlement may not be possible. In those instances, you will want an experienced litigator to handle your case in court. The Law Offices of Sue Berkel has a vast amount of litigation experience. In those divorces where a settlement is not possible, one party may have to seek a Temporary Restraining Order restraining one party from coming to the marital residence or from coming within a certain number of yards of the spouse or the children. A Temporary Restraining Order can be sought if there is some emergency which necessitates it or if there is a real threat of injury. In some divorces, there may be a need to have a Temporary Orders hearing which is a contested hearing before a Judge. After the presentation of evidence, the Judge will determine who will live in the martial residence, who the children will live with pending the final divorce and any other issues which must be resolved prior to the final divorce. Once the Temporary Orders are in place, the parties may have to have an additional Final Orders hearing which will resolve all the issues which the parties have not been able to agree on. The divorce is granted at the Final Orders hearing. If you think the Law Offices of Sue Berkel can help you with a divorce, please call us at 512 689-8733 or email us at