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Appeals Lawyer in Austin

After any contested trial, you will have a winner and a loser. Both parties have a right to appeal any final judgment, however, very strict time deadlines apply, which if missed, will prohibit you from prosecuting any appeal. It is important that if you are unhappy with your trial outcome to immediately consult an appellate attorney. Although the time deadlines vary depending on the type of appeal and whether it is accelerated, you may have to file pleadings in court within 15 days of the signing of a final judgment. Sue Berkel has prosecuted and defended against dozens of appeals. She has been lead attorney and argued cases in numerous state Courts of Appeal, the Texas Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit. If you need a lawyer to pursue your appeal, or if you are defending against an appeal filed by someone else, the Law Offices of Sue Berkel can assist you. Call 512 689-8733 for a free consultation or email us at