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I am so thankful that I found Sue Berkel to assist me with my legal problems. I was totally unaware of what I was facing, and Sue was very helpful in keeping me updated on my case and letting me know what to expect. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I've told many friends already that if they ever needed legal assistance, I would highly recommend Sue.

— Joni A.

Sue Berkel recently handled some serious legal matters for me, and I am pleased to say that she is a first class human being as well as a top notch attorney who gets results. Few lawyers I have known are more compassionate or more able. Sue Berkel has a consummate knowledge of the Austin area court system in addition to good working relationships with many officials in the Travis County legal and political communities. This is not surprising since she is at once recognizable as a responsible, intelligent person and a gifted lawyer. I would add one more thing. Sue Berkel returns phone calls and answers email promptly, a practice rarely found in attorneys of any rank.

— Martha N.

What I appreciate so much about Sue Berkel is what a quick turnaround she has with all of my law needs. Not only is she extremely competent, she is very easy to work with. She is the best!

— M. H.

I just can’t recommend Sue Berkel highly enough. She has a commanding presence in the courtroom; but in addition to that, she really cares about her clients. Sue took on my very involved divorce case with great dedication and enthusiasm. All of her work was spot on, and she has kept me from making a number of costly mistakes. I have found all of her advice to be direct and insightful. She has that rare quality of being able to read people and situations, and then being able to use that information to the best interest of her clients. Sue has become one of my most trusted confidants and allies. I have recommended her to friends and family members alike, and she has always done a remarkable job. Please consider Sue Berkel for all of your legal work.

— Bill K.

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Sue for your legal matters. Through the several years that I have known Sue she has graciously offered legal council on several personal legal matters and has prepared professional legal documents for me. In matters outsider her area of expertise she willingly referred me to other legal professionals who successfully resolved my case. Sue is a true professional, a trusted attorney and someone I am proud to know and conduct business with.

— Liz

Thank you so much for representing me through this whole deal. I will keep you as my lawyer, you’re the best!

— C. H.

Sue handled my Last Will and Testament, and over the years I have recommended her to friends and family members who have used her services for various legal matters. I have known Sue for years and have always respected how she conducts herself in an unbiased, professional manner with clients and people of various backgrounds. She’s a top-notch attorney, and I would highly recommend her.

— S. T.

I have sought out consultations from Sue Berkel on several occasions and she has always been thorough and highly professional. Her broad experience and extensive relationship with the court and the DA’s office were especially beneficial. On my behalf, Sue recently represented my son and was successful in negotiating a dismissal of criminal charges as well as a denial to revoke his probation, which resulted in the best possible outcome. Sue pays attention to detail and I especially appreciated that she was always responsive to me and my family’s needs. I would recommend Sue Berkel without reservations. I intend to seek her out to provide legal services that I may need in the future.

— R. D.

Sue represented one of my sons on a motion to revoke and kept him out of prison. Sue is extremely knowledgeable in criminal law. Sue will not leave you waiting to hear from her. Truly a comfort to know that she represented my son well. Sue will always help to keep focus on the important issue(s) of your case. Her advice was always right on. She was there for every court appearance. Our experience with Sue was excellent, she provides professional, courteous support. She truly cares and has the experience with criminal court proceedings. I highly recommend her to anyone considering her services.

— Marie. H.

Thank you so much for being so understanding & advising me. I felt your sincerity when we talked and I know you do the right thing for people. God bless you & I will definitely come back to you if I ever need your services again & will most definitely recommend you.

— N. R.

Ms. Berkel represented my daughter in Court on three felonies and one misdemeanor. Ms. Berkel has a lot of experience and expertise and used it so well that she was able to get all charges against my daughter dismissed. I highly recommend her for people looking for legal assistance for criminal matters.

— L. E.

Thank you so much for all of your help on this matter! If I ever need future legal assistance I will be calling you! :) I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I come across in need of legal counsel.

— Jaclyn Georges

I just have to reiterate to you that you are an amazing lawyer!! I feel very privileged to have met you and truly blessed to have you as my Attorney and friend for life!! Thank you very kindly for your expert representation on my case! I could not have prevailed without you!! Forever grateful, forever indebted!!

— Lonnie C. Brown II

Ms. Berkel was appointed by the Court to represented one of my family members who was having some legal problems. With Court Appointed lawyers you just never know what you are going to get. We got lucky. Ms. Berkel is an excellent attorney, she was always available and easy to contact when we had questions. She returned calls quickly and was very professional in dealing with us. Her explanations about questions we had relating to the legal process were clear and concise. Ms. Berkel is not only a kind and caring person she is an Excellent Lawyer who understands the legal system and know how to adroitly maneuver within it. We were the beneficiaries of her expertise and because of it, we got better than what anyone could expect from our legal system. While we were at the Courthouse a well-known local Civil Rights lawyer told us something that we had already known; Sue Berkel is a good lawyer! Thank You Ms. Berkel.

— M.G.W.

I am eternally grateful to Sue for helping me during this difficult time in my life. I know now that there still exists good and honest attorneys in this world. God bless you for everything you did for me! I will recommend you in the future to friends and family. Thank you so much!

— Carlos Melgar

Sue's as cunning as a fox.

— Morning McGowen

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